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The Woke-Washing Ways of Justin Trudeau

Just how often the PM donned blackface and brownface we learn by the hour. He apologized that he should have known better but didn’t. But he was 30 when he opted to lampoon brown people at a gala for the private school employing him to shape children’s minds. Increasingly, the brand Trudeau wore to win an election — woke exemplar of a new politics — proves a sham.

Examples in The Tyee: Trudeau’s costume-switching diplomacy. His climate crisis rhetoric vs. reality. His subtle sexism and funny ways with PC-speak. Indigenous leaders demanding the PM apologize for personally “patronizing” them. It all exposes a strategy, concludes the author of The Trudeau Formula.

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Our New Fish Wrap: What We Heard You Say

We polled, you told us. A couple of weeks ago, we launched The Tyee’s redesigned homepage, and we asked you what you thought of it. Three out of four said you’re good with our redesign — and most of those said you “love it.” But one in six of you, ahem, “hate it.” Among the suggestions: 1. All home page stories need dates. 2. When type is yellow-orange, it’s hard to read. 3. It’s no longer as easy to scan lots of most recent stories on the home page. For that one, here’s a tip: Click on the ‘More recent stories’ button and you get the next eight most recent articles, showing 16 in all. Still, we hear you and are working on a way to let you scan deeper. Help us refine our redesign. Send feedback by email to info [at] thetyee [dot] ca. And if the site looks wrong on your device, tell us so our tech expert Bryan Carney knows.

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