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Mission Statement: Pipeline News' mission is to illuminate importance of Saskatchewan oil as an integral part of the province's sense of community and to show the general public the strength and character of the industry's people.

Based in Estevan, Pipeline News has editorial staff based in Estevan and sales representatives in Estevan, Lloydminster, Carlyle, and Saskatoon. A provincial paper in scope, we are the only publication in Saskatchewan who have editorial staff dedicated to the energy sector full-time. What our sister publication, the Western Producer is to the agriculture community, we are to the oilpatch. Our coverage area includes all of Saskatchewan, the Lloydminster area of Alberta and southwestern Manitoba.

You'll find our paper everywhere from the doghouses on drilling rigs to corporate offices in Calgary (They get their field offices to send in a copy each month). Most of our readers tell us they read Pipeline News cover to cover.

Pipeline News invites opposing viewpoints.

Editorials and letters to the editor are welcome.
Email: [email protected]

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